3 Advantages to Using a Local Home Builder in Bryan, TX

Building a new home is such a wonderful and exciting process. Having a special place to call your own and watching it be constructed before your very eyes is an experience like no other! When it comes time for you to hire a builder to start construction, though, you can choose to use a local home builder, or you can opt for a national builder.

As a local home builder, of course we think using someone local is the better option, but we have plenty of great evidence to back up our position on the subject. Here are a few reasons why local home builders are the better choice for an aspiring homeowner.

1.  High Quality

One of the biggest differences we’ve noticed between national builders and local builders like us, is the level of quality in the craftsmanship of homes.

National builders get by with copies of the same few floorplans for homes. This allows them to use cheap materials and finish the job quickly. That sounds nice in theory, but it’s important to take the time to consider what is being sacrificed with those “benefits.”

Cheaper materials often mean less durability when it comes to you actually living in your home. Your house might look nice for the first year or so, but then things start needing repairs or replacements and will end up costing you more in the long run. Since these homes are often constructed quickly as well due to the fact that the builders usually rebuild the same floorplans over and over, they might lose some of the precision needed to get the job done right. This can also result in future repairs and replacements being needed after a really short amount of time.

When you choose to use a local home builder, you’re almost guaranteed a higher standard for quality construction. Local builders rely heavily on their reputations to survive, so that means we are going to take a lot more time and effort to give you only the best. If you need major repairs after less than a year of living in your home, that reflects poorly on us and can cost us business, so there’s no point in making those shortcuts in the construction process. Since you’re getting a better-quality home, you might notice that using a local builder might cost a bit more than a national builder. The cheaper option now seems nice, but it might not actually be cheaper when you’re paying for all of those repairs later on. When it comes to your place of shelter, it’s not always bad to splurge a little more for a great quality home.

2. Customization

As previously mentioned, national builders often build the same handful of homes over and over again. A national builder might provide you with a decent amount of floorplan options, and the ability to choose from a decent number of choices for things like flooring, cabinetry, lighting, etc., but if there are more specific details you want to change, you will often be out of luck.

Local builders might also provide you with plenty of floorplans to choose from, but they’re extremely open to you changing things how you see fit. This means you can determine the dimensions of all the rooms in your home or add in details the floorplans might be missing. Local builders will also be happy to build floorplans you bring to them yourself, or even take the time to help create the perfectly customized plan for you. There are a lot less limitations on local builders, and isn’t that how it should be? If you’re going to be living in this home for many years to come, you should be able to make it as close to perfect as you possibly can.

3. Customer Service

Customer service is one of the areas that local builders most strongly beat out national builders. Since national builders work all over, they might only be in town until your home is completed, and then it can become impossible to get ahold of them if any problems arise. Or even during the construction process they might be juggling a couple different jobs and they simply cannot give you the focus you deserve.

Local home builders are overall much more readily available to answer any questions, comments, or concerns you might have. They’re also going to be more consistent as well. You can trust you’re going to be getting the best of the best when you use a local builder, whereas national builders might just be giving you “whoever” is available. For Cordes Custom Homes, our CEO, Blane Cordes, is also our head contractor. This means our customers will be working with him firsthand so he can assure that they’re going to get exactly what they need, no questions asked.

Finding a local custom home builder you can trust is going to be your best bet in building a house you can truly call home. Don’t wait, let Cordes Custom Homes make your dreams come true today! Give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page for a free consultation!

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