Deciding on Your Custom Home’s Exterior Color in College Station, TX

Making major decisions like the overall color of your home’s exterior is no easy feat. You want something that you’ll still love years down the line, but with so many choices and options it can be an overwhelming process.

There are a few keys things to ask yourself and do that will help make the entire stressful process that much easier.

Breaking things down into smaller steps will make the process a lot less stressful. First, let’s address the main parts of your home that you’ll need to determine the color for:

  • Main Siding Color
  • Roofing Color
  • Trim Color
  • Door Color
  • Accent Color

Once you’re aware of how many colors you’ll need at most, you can now start brainstorming on colors. To make things a bit easier, instead of trying to find a whole new separate swatch for each category, remember that it’s good to tie in some of the same colors for multiple categories. So, your roof might be a similar color to your front door, even if they’re not the same shade. Or your accent color might just be a different shade of the main siding color. Grouping things like this can make it a lot easier to narrow down your color choices for your overall palette.

It’s good to first check in with yourself and determine if there are any colors you feel strongly about for your home. If you’ve always loved gray homes, then you’ve already helped narrow things down, because there are only so many attractive combinations using gray as your main color.

If you’re going into this with no strong opinions, try getting inspiration from magazines, home decorating websites, or even Pinterest boards! This can help you find a look you love and give you a better place to jump off of.

Be sure to think critically about your color choices. You don’t want to decide on a whim that you want a bright orange house, and then realize months down the line that you don’t even like orange. Really ask yourself what feelings, or emotions, are you trying to evoke when you pull up to your home after a long day? Do you want something comforting? Something elegant? Something inviting? Figuring out an overall “vibe” you want for your home can help you better choose colors that will match it.

Checking out color palette making websites can be super beneficial in this process. You can choose how many colors you want, set any colors that you already know you want to incorporate, and test out other colors against the ones you’ve chosen. This will allow you to get a good feel for if your palette works or not.

Another great online tool for choosing home color options are Color Visualizers. These tools allow you to test out your color palette choices either on photos of a home you’ve uploaded or pre-made houses they have in the inventory depending on the website. This can really help you know for sure whether any of your color options would work out how you’re imagining them, or if you need to make some adjustments.

Using all these tips and tricks to determine the perfect color scheme for the outside of your home will help you when you meet with custom home builders like us! Ready to start discussing specifics? Give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page so we can get started on your custom home today!

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