Get Your Roof Repaired Now in Bryan, TX

The Bryan-College Station area got some heavy hail last week, and it easily could’ve caused major damage to your roofing. When you don’t see any noticeable leaks afterwards, you may assume that the damage isn’t too bad, but it’s always best to have a contractor come out and perform an inspection just to make sure, especially if you haven’t had rain in a while since there could be a severe leak and you wouldn’t even know it.

We provide FREE roof inspections, no matter if that’s after a large storm or simply just to be prepared! We’re always happy to help and do a thorough inspection, as well as write up a full list of all issues, if there happy to be any. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and we want to help you get your roof back to the best shape!

If we do find damage in need of repair, we’re more than happy to complete that for you as well. It’s common for homeowners to want to get quotes from several contractors before committing to repairs but remember to keep in mind that you shouldn’t put off repairs for too long! Procrastination can mean a lot of issues when it comes to roof repairs.

Energy bills will rise. Leaving any sort of holes or openings are going to cause problems if left for an extended period of time. You might not think it’s a big deal as long as you don’t get rain for a while, since your main worry is likely going to be flooding and water damage but letting air out of your home is going to cause you to run your air conditioning or heating nonstop as it tries to make up for the escaping air. This means your electric bill will likely skyrocket until repairs are made, and nobody likes a high electric bill.

Practically welcoming pests into your home. Think about it, small wild animals are always looking for a better place to set up their home and avoid predators, and the perfect place to do so will likely end up being the hole in your roofing. They will likely create a nest and then begin to repopulate in your roofing! These wild animals could take over your home if left alone for long enough, and that’s going to cause even more problems for you and your family.

Damage will snowball. Of course, just because the repairs might be minor now, leaving them to the elements for long periods of time will only allow them to worsen. What was once a small hole and a tiny bit of water damage might turn into major structural hazards. Just because you think it won’t happen to you doesn’t mean it won’t. Take action to prevent spending thousands of dollars in major repairs later on down the line.

Where there’s water damage, there’s mold. Mold is a nightmare for homeowners and allowing water damage to sit and the bacteria to grow is the perfect environment for mold to grow. If you have anyone in your home with lung diseases or allergy sensitives, this can be extremely stressful. Pets are sensitive to mold as well and can get incredibly sick, too. What’s worse is that mold isn’t always visible. It could be growing in your attic and walls and you might not even realize it until it’s everywhere. This them means major costs in ridding your home of the infestation, so it’s really just better to avoid the situation and commit to roof repairs the minute you know you need them.

If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns about roof inspections or repairs, get in touch with. Us! We’d love to help you out! Give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page to request your free roof inspection or free project estimate today!

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