Rural Homebuilder in Iola, TX

All across the state of Texas, there are large plots of land perfect for building your dream home. Rural homebuilding is incredibly common in Texas since there is such a vast majority of land, and if you’re looking for plenty of room to grow your family, start a cattle farm, or just for plenty of space and privacy, it could be the perfect option for you.

Rural homebuilding has lots of benefits that you might not have considered yet.

More space means a bigger home.

For those that have a large or growing family and need plenty of space, building your home out in the country is going to be incredibly beneficial. You won’t be so limited by a small plot of land in town, so you can easily design your home with however many rooms and however much space you need. If you need to design a home that can account for multiple generations, a rural home is going to give you the option of adding a separate space for the eldest generation. While you may need to have your parents close so you can take care of them, it can also be nice to still give them and yourself plenty of privacy. Two separate buildings might be the perfect option for you, and it might not have been possible on a smaller plot of land in a busy town.

With more space, you can also set up your layout however you please. If you need multiple large bedrooms, but don’t like the look of multiple story homes, that’s fine! You can have your floorplan be one story and cover as much space as necessary without limitations.

More bang for your buck.

City lots are smaller, and they’re also more expensive. For the same price you can easily find much bigger lots in a rural area. Home building costs are also going to be much more affordable in a rural area as opposed to the city. Things like mortgage payments, real estate taxes, utilities, and property insurance are all going to be much less costly for your rural home than if you were to live in the city. Overall, it just makes a lot more sense financially to live in the country.

This saves you plenty of money to put back into the actual construction of your home. Instead of doing the bare minimum that your budget will allow, you can get away with splurging in certain areas. This allows you to commit to things like a nice garden area, an outdoor kitchen and patio, or even a barn for farm animals.

Less restrictions.

Living in the middle of town where you have tons of neighbors all around you is going to be pretty limiting, unfortunately. Zoning requirements, permits, and construction time limitations all play a large factor in town and can add weeks of time onto your home’s construction, as well as prevent you from doing certain things.

The HOA also plays a large role in what is and isn’t allowed in many neighborhoods, and this can be incredibly frustrating. The HOA can determine what your fence looks like, what your home looks like, where you place certain things like your mailbox or even trashcan. If you don’t want to feel held down by someone else, a home in a rural area is going to be your best bet. As long as you’re following the law, you have a lot more freedom!

A rural home can help with your health.

This may sound farfetched but building your home in a place that promotes relaxation and tranquility is going to help your health both physically and mentally. Being away from the hustle and bustle of town is going to allow you to sleep more soundly at night, and you can enjoy your evenings outside in nature without worrying about neighbors or the train blowing its horn and disturbing your peace. There’s also going to be less crime and pollution, too!

All in all, rural homebuilding is a great option for many people and that might include you too! If you want to build your home in the country, Cordes Custom Homes is more than happy to make that happen for you! We’re highly experienced in homebuilding in any populated area and can make your dream home come true in the middle of town or outside the city. We work all over the Brazos Valley and surrounding areas, so if you’re looking to build your home nearby, give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page to get your free estimate now!

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