Why a Barndominium Might Be Perfect for You in College Station, TX

People are always looking for new, creative ways to construct and style their homes. At Cordes Home Builder, we love getting creative with our clients and finding out new aesthetics that are gaining traction in the world of home building.

A rising home trend that people all across the nation, but especially in southern states, really seem to be loving is the “barndominium.” If you haven’t heard of the barndominium, you might be wondering what on earth it even is. The fun name comes from the combination of a “barn” and a “condominium.” These unique spaces are barn or barn-like structures that have been converted into living spaces.

On the outside, these homes look like they hold all of your classic farm animals, but on the inside, they’re just like any other house on the market. Homes like these can be customized just like any other. If you’re looking for a simple 2 bed, 2.5 bath home, you can have a barndominium that fits that, but if you want a 8 bed, 10 bath home, you can also have a barndominium that fits that!

So, what makes these homes different than any others?

  • Open Floor Plans

One of the biggest appeals of a barndominium is the spacious open floor plans they provide. Since they are structured like barns are, they’re meant to have lots of open space, just like a real barn. This means you can alter your floor plan however you’d like. Lots of homes often have unnecessary walls that make your living space feel cramped and small, but this won’t be the case with a barndominium. You add walls where you need them, and where you don’t you can have lots of open space! This means you get the maximum potential out of your home and won’t be frustrated by blocked off rooms that are hard to utilize.

  • Design Versatility

With such open floor plans comes great potential for how you want to set up and design your living space. You get full control over how each room is set up and how much square footage it covers because there are little to no walls (depending on how many you want to add) to stand in your way. This means if you feel like rearranging furniture later on, you can easily do so without being limited by how each room is set up. You can essentially create the boundaries of each room with how you decorate, and many homeowners love this about barndominiums.

Spaces like these can also be easier to decorate since you can choose an overall aesthetic and match all of the furniture in your home together. Although if you’re not a fan of that, you can also use a different style or color palette for each “room” to show where one space ends and another begins. However, you choose to style your space, you cannot go wrong with the barndominium open floorplans.

  • Durability

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits to a barndominium is how sturdy they are. Barns are built for strength, since they need to stand up to all kinds of weather. They’re also created specifically to be more open to the elements like wind and rain, so they can easily take a beating and still stand strong. Using these same materials when building your home is only going to improve your home’s safety and give you a very heavy-duty structure.

Barn wood is insect and rot resistant, so you can rest assured knowing your home will last a long time. Or if you choose to use metal as your home’s base material, it’s going to be even tougher. Insects and rot will of course have no effect on it, but also it doesn’t burn like wood does (though is severe heat the metal can warp). There is also a high strength to weight ratio, which means the cost of transportation of materials will be lower, and that’s better for your budget.

If you’re looking to build a home that has all of these qualities, then a barndominium might be perfect for you! Give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page to discuss more details about your project idea!

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