Why You Should Always Hire a Home Builder That Understands Water Drainage in College Station, TX

When choosing a home builder, you might look at their previous work and reviews to get a good feel for whether they will do a good job and be able to build your dream home. This is a great way to find a good home builder, but you still might not end up with the best option. There are other factors and abilities you need to consider making sure your custom home will be perfect.

Water drainage is one of these super valuable things you’ll need to think of when it comes to your custom home, and you definitely need a professional home builder who knows about the importance of proper drainage.

You might not really be thinking about water drainage when there are so many other important factors that go into home building, but you really should. Proper water drainage is what’s going to make your home’s foundation last many years to come, and minimize damage to your lawn and home, no matter how much water or flooding you get.

To keep your home dry, your home builder should know the best way to set up your foundation to where if there’s a natural slope on the property, the foundation should be at the highest point. This allows runoff water to flow away from the home, instead of towards it. If there isn’t a slope, then the home builder will likely make sure there is a proper drainage system above ground to move the water away from the house. This is key in avoiding flooding.

Above ground drainage isn’t the only thing to worry about, though. The moisture levels of the foundation need to be able to be properly monitored. A wet foundation isn’t good, since it weakens the concrete and they load-bearing capacity cannot hold as much. This can lead to cracking and shifting. An overly dry foundation is bad as well, since the foundation can contract and then sag and fracture, causing weakness, too. An underground drainage system allows for more control of the water’s placement in the ground, meaning you can keep the soil below the foundation at a good moisture level that will keep your home’s base strong and sturdy.

Tree placement around your home is another factor that some contractors might not even think twice about, which can be bad for you in the long run. Trees shouldn’t be planted any closer to your foundation than their eventual height. This means that you home’s foundation should always be tree-length away from the actual trees you plant, or possibly already have planted. The tree roots can potentially cause problems but clogging your drainage system or sucking up the groundwater under your home, so they need to be kept at a safe distance. If they aren’t, your foundation could potentially settle and become uneven.

A high-quality professional home builder knows all of the ins and outs of water drainage when it comes to your home, and the best ways to build your home so that you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. Cordes Custom Homes is that home builder in the Brazos Valley. We won’t let you down when it comes to water drainage, since we understand the importance of it. Our competitors aren’t as worried with the actual safety and future outcome of your home, they simply want money. At Cordes, we see our customers as family and value them even after the job is over.

If you want to hire a custom home contractor that will treat you with respect and superior customer service, give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page today! Let us build you the perfect home and make sure you get proper water drainage installed as well!

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