Why You Should Build Over Buying a Home in College Station, TX

When it comes to a new home, it can be difficult to decide if you should go to the effort to build your home from scratch, or simply try to find a home on the market. Cordes Custom Homes believes that building your dream home is a better deal than buying, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Newest Design Technology

You’ll get to choose any sort of new design techniques and features for your home, which means making your everyday life simpler and more functional. It’s often hard to find homes on the market that meet your every single tiny requirement, especially in your price range. Then once you commit, you might still want to hire a contractor to make renovations. This is fine for some people, but it can be more expensive in the long run. When you build from scratch, you get everything you want right off the bat.

  • Everything is Brand New

You won’t have to worry about moving into your new home only to realize there are problems you weren’t warned about before buying your home, because everything will be new! Nothing will be unexpectedly broken or battered, and this means less stress on you and your family. And if you’re still worried about the possibility for potential issues soon after building a home, many custom home builders have one-year warranties to repair anything that might break. This means you can sleep soundly at night knowing you’re taken care of.

  • More Energy Efficient

The older your home’s heating, cooling, ventilation, and appliances are, the more expensive your electric bill is going to be. Older HVAC systems and appliances use more energy to operate, while newer ones have been tweaked and updated to use less. You can replace all of the old electric work in an older home, but it’s going to be quite expensive. It’s easier to simply start fresh and save yourself money in the long run.

  • Designed for You

The biggest benefit to building your own home is that everything is customizable for you and your needs. You don’t have to worry about trying to make a certain space work for you, because you can create the perfect space on your own. You get to make rooms as big or small as you need, and if you want anything specific, you’re going to get it! Many homeowners often buy homes and end up with a long list of things they would change, but when you are a designer of your home, you will live with a lot less regrets!

If you’re looking to hire a contractor to help bring all of your dreams to life, we’ve got you covered! We’re serious professionals who want to give you a beautiful home you can be proud of. In addition to custom home construction, we also do remodels and renovations, so no matter what your home building needs are, we can help. Give us a call of fill out the form on our contact page to get in touch with us.

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